Cover Letter

Dear Abigail,

InnoVision Marketing Group is thrilled to offer our services as your in-house creative partner for San Diego Theatres’ Organizational Branding project.

We come to you with boundless enthusiasm, guided by a firm commitment to nurturing a unique culture within our team. At InnoVision, every team member is empowered, inspired, and supported daily, regardless of their role. We firmly believe that a happy team produces exceptional work, and this belief shapes our daily endeavors.

Collectively, as a unified team, we’ve crafted a mission statement that we wholeheartedly embrace:

“To foster a visionary and positive team culture rooted in unconditional compassion for all, while creating custom strategic solutions, and always demonstrating unmatched accessibility, integrity, and innovation.”

This mission isn’t just a statement; it is the very essence of our brand. We define ourselves as Kind, Caring, Creative, Strategic, Passionate, Fearless, Invested, and Responsive. We consider these attributes as the cornerstones of every interaction we have with every individual we encounter. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver incomparable service and communication, always executed with urgency and meticulous attention to detail.

InnoVision boasts an extensive history and experience in serving clients across the entertainment, arts, and nonprofit sectors. Our core expertise lies in understanding the unique dynamics of these domains. We offer a five-star level of service, dedicated account teams, a comprehensive suite of services, and an innate ability to tailor our expertise to meet the needs of each campaign.

What sets us apart is our commitment to producing all our work in-house, without relying on freelancers or outside vendors to produce work that would then be resold to you with an agency markup. This encompasses web development for both simple and complex websites, creative and copywriting, digital and traditional media placement, organic social media and reputation management, public relations, brand consultation, video production, Hispanic marketing, graphic design, Influencer relationship management, and the development of strategic partnerships.

Our approach is further enriched by our vast and real-life understanding of the downtown area, allowing us to craft strategies, and content that truly resonates with the local community. We think of ourselves as a New York agency in skillset and approach with a local feel and vibe, combining global expertise with the essence of San Diego.

Furthermore, we are excited to share that InnoVision Marketing Group is set to launch a full-service talent agency by year’s end. Our talent roster already boasts over 700 talented actors, poised to add a unique dimension to our strategic approach in the arts and entertainment sectors.

Our record in producing successful videos and campaigns for clients in the entertainment and nonprofit industries, and our understanding of how to captivate audiences, clearly demonstrate our ability to rise above the noise and convert San Diegans into passionate supporters.

On behalf of the entire team at InnoVision Marketing Group, we sincerely appreciate your invitation to showcase our agency’s capabilities. We are eager to partner with you to create a transformative branding experience for San Diego Theatres, firmly rooted in our city’s history and culture.


Ric Militi
CEO/Executive Creative Director
InnoVision Marketing Group
5961 Kearny Villa Road
San Diego, CA 92123

C: (619) 770-9830
E: Ric@TeamInnoVision.com

Partnership Philosophy

Founded in 2012, InnoVision Marketing Group has grown to 45 diverse, top-tier team members. As a leading Southern California marketing firm, we meticulously select our team through rigorous interviews to ensure they align with our values and ethos.

We believe that true passion makes work feel effortless. Our team is always accessible because we consider your business a priority around the clock. We are committed to your success and strive to bring your vision to life.

In this proposal, you’ll see our company philosophy and the team members who will work closely with the San Diego Theatres team. We are available 24/7 and dedicated to meeting your needs by collaborating with your internal teams to achieve your goals.


InnoVision Marketing Group’s pricing model is light-years ahead of other agencies’ pricing models because we provide you with a solution-driven model, rather than a cost-driven model. Therefore, InnoVision has never had hourly rates. This model is now being introduced to other agencies and they are attempting to replicate it, but we believe we are the pioneers of the all-inclusive pricing model.

The reason behind this is hourly pricing models prohibit clients from thinking freely about their marketing needs because they fear what it may cost. Our all-inclusive pricing model gives you the latitude to think strategically without fear of incremental cost. This means once we determine the scope of your account, we will set a price that will remain in place with latitude for you that includes revisions, new ideas, and growth.

InnoVision’s pricing strategy is to provide value and solutions to our clients. We assure you that our mission is to provide you with marketing that will be the envy of your competitors in your region. We have created a pricing structure that we believe you will be 100% comfortable and satisfied with. That is our promise.

Based on the scope of your project described in the RFP, we built a package that overdelivers based on a monthly management fee of $12,500. Included in this monthly retainer are all services described in the Scope of Agency Work section of the RFP, plus a new website build that is equal in number of pages to your current website, but will far exceed your current website in speed, quality, and aesthetic.

As the San Diego Theatres team discusses this RFP, if your monthly needs change, this scope can be adjusted to accommodate your new needs.